Why is my cashback cancelled? - Easy Cashbacks

Why is my cashback cancelled?

Some common reasons why cashback is declined are:
•The order was cancelled.
•The order was returned or partially returned.
•The order was exchanged or partially exchanged.
•The order was changed.
•The order was paid for using a gift code or gift voucher.
•The order was paid for using Cash on Delivery.
•The order might have been classified as bulk order from a wholesaler or a travel agent etc.

The order did not comply with the store’s cashback policy. To see details on store specific cashback policy please see ‘Cashback Terms’ section for cashback merchants.

Sometimes stores do not provide us any specific reason for declining the cashback. In such cases a Missing Cashback claim can be filed and we will do our best to find the reason for cancellation of the cashback.

NOTE: The webstore holds sole discretion in determining the validity of the cashback transaction.