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shopee review

Shopee Store Review

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Shopee Malaysia and the Philippines are popular on your cashback site. A lot of members from the Philippines and Malaysia shop at this store and receive cashback on their sales. Shopee present it self having the following values:

We serve: Our customers are the sole arbiter of the value of our products and services. We strive to meet unmet needs and serve the underserved.
We addapt: Rapid change is the only constant in the digital age of ours. We embrace change, celebrate it and always strive to be a thought leader that influences it.
We run: We are in a constant race to success while grappling with rapidly shifting forces. We move faster, better and with more urgency every day.
We commit: Our work is our commitment. We commit to our values, institution, customers and partners. We commit to each other. Above all, we commit to doing the best we can and being the best we can.
We stay humble: We have travelled a long way from our humble beginnings and yet, we never lose our humility in our continual quest for greater heights.

But visiting Trustpilot and reading the reviews about Shopee we see another story. Some of the reviews:

Do not buy from this site. Biggest letdown for merchandise. Takes forever for purchase to arrive. Not what you order, they will not refund and they will not make your order right.

Most of the sellers at Shopee are unreliable, they cannot be trusted. They will not inform the buyer if the product is still available and they will deliver the goods incomplete but they will receive the full payment. If you ask for a refund, they will ignore you. I have experience this at Factory Direct located in Binondo. What a bad experience.

Customer service of Shopee Malaysia sucks. The customer service agent either takes a million years to reply, doesn’t fully understand what I’m telling/asking them (so they send irrelevant links) or ends the chat early (1 minute of inactivity and the agent ends the chat). Its so damn frustrating. Very poor customer service!!!!!!!!!!

This are serious negative reviews. The average score is 1.2 stars out of 5 from 301 reviews.

On sitejabber, another reviewsite Shopee gets 2.05 stars out of 5 from 73 reviews. Here is a positive review:

I’m happy and thankful that online selling platforms, like Shopee, exist. In this time of crisis, going out to buy products is too risky. I’m just glad that the things I want are just a click away. I bought lovely items and transacted with kind and legit sellers, both local and foreign, and I got what I paid for, and so much more, trust. Though I have to admit that buyer’s patience will be tested, especially for overseas orders, since the lead time takes too long because of the on going community quarantine. Just a word for those who got scammed, I undertsand that you lost your hard earned cash, and it’s really frustrating not to get your money’s worth, but always always remember that online shopping is not without its risk. If the deal is too good to be true, then it is. Check seller ratings, if the sales with negative feedbacks are just in a span of days-weeks, don’t transact. And if the costs reach 4-digits or more, always choose COD, or better yet, buy in legitimate physical stores if possible.

Our opinion:
Our members shop a lot at Shopee and Shopee almost have 18.000.000 followers on Facebook. So what are 301 and 71 reviews when so many people follow Shopee on Facebook and shop at Shopee?

It is difficult to make every customer satisfied. Especially on a platform that works with resellers. There are always rotten apples that don’t deliver what they promise. But you can still say that Shopee is a great site where you can make a purchase with confidence.Visit our cashback pages for Shopee Malaysia and Shopee Philippines and save money on your online spendings at Shopee.